My personal tribute to Luis Iannone, rest in peace.

When we recorded the video “Partiendo la Pana” of “Estopa” I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with the actor Luis Iannone, a man with great interpretive faculties also a good… Continue reading

Images of video “Caminaré” (will walk) Manolo García

Video with the most spectacular images of the musical “Mar i Cel” (Sea and Sky) Dagoll Dagom

The last production of Dagoll Dagom with renewed musical spectacle of Sea and Sky ended 31 May at the Victoria Theatre and promoted with this video where they leave the most spectacular images,… Continue reading

Éxito Seguro. Collaborative Short in the Landscape Film Festival

After making the Master Class on the day of the inauguration of Landscape Film Festival and watching the hundred professionals located in ten teams, teachers who impart the talks (Emiliano Labrador, Andreu Meixide,… Continue reading

Masterclass in the Landscape Film Festival

The opening day of Landscape Film Festival I had the honor to Pol Turrens (my favorite photo manager) to share our experiences with the 100 elected directors divided into 10 teams for each of them a short 10 minutes.… Continue reading

“Ets Alella” a video to show a great people.

With my partner Abel Folk have made this video to promote Alella, a video of the whole people’s participation was essential for success and good results. All participants feel satisfied and proud to… Continue reading

Music Video “Caminaré” Manolo García

Some impressions of the filming of this video Since “Pájaros de Barro” I have directed most of their clips and unconditional maintain close collaboration with Manolo García. Throughout these years we have gone… Continue reading

“Es Mejor Sentir” (You Feel Better) Manolo García

Here my latest collaboration with Manolo Garcia this Lyric Video for her single “You Feel Better.” Made with images recorded by himself in his people and put into question all their imagination in… Continue reading

Shooting “Sea and Sky” in the Metro and the CC Arenas Barcelona

Making of the recording Flashmob “Sea and Sky” The musical

Making off the flashmob Sea and Sky made ​​by Metro and CC Arenas of Barcelona.

Short Film Competition 1st Quick Creu Coberta Shopping&Shooting

We are preparing the Cross Roof Association and a short film competition launches fast for the coming Christmas Day, obviously, I’m very involved. We encourage cultural creation broadcasting in Barcelona, through a proposed… Continue reading

Chance Photo shooting