About us

About us


A lover of film, music and technology. Professional world of broadcasting with over 35 years of experience. That is why always experiment with visual language from the script from running from the assembly, from postproduction, with all these tools I have been looking for new ways to express feelings and emotions using all the artistic resources and technicians today have at our disposal.

I love new technology and years and also risking experiment with new techniques, which is why I pioneered filming in HD 1080 (first video filmed in Spain with this technology) in shooting stereoscopic 3D ( first video in the world filmed entirely in 3Ds), when the first projection demonstration experiment with 2K and now 4K technology.

I made videos most notorious artists of our country and co-directed (along with Abel Folk) “Xtrem” and “declassified” two feature films, the first was selected in 11 festivals around the world and the second a TV -movie has received four awards in Houston including the Special Jury Prize and Best Actress award.